The green Caciocavallo is a string texture cheese, made with row and full cream milk of one or two milking, to which is added lamb and / or kid, (rennet paste about 30 gr for 100 l of milk). After about one hour there is the wreckage of the curd with a particular wooden tool called "Ruotula", reducing the cheese mass in pieces as small as a grain of rice. After the wreckage the curd is separated and dripped from the buttermilk using the twigs , placed on a wooden floor, “Mastredda”. After 2 hours it will proceed to the first cooking adding hot water at about 80 ° C, for about an hour and a half. Then the curd is pulled out by hands and placed on the mastredda to ripen until the day after. Before the spinning the curd is sliced and put into "Staccio", with a stick "Manuvedda" and it is worked by hands and hot water. The ball of paste, well closed , is placed on the wooden "mastredda" where it will take the typical parallelepiped shape. During this step it is impressed the CE number in relief. Caciocavallo cheese is placed in the brine for about 36 hours each Kg .

Aging stage that allows the cheese to sharpen its taste and its texture takes place into "Maizzè", cool, wet and aired rooms where temperatures is from 14 ° C and 16 ° C and humidity between 80% and 90%. Here Caciocavallo half-aged cheeses stay from 180 to 365 days, pair linked with juta rope and hung over (on horseback of) a timber: CACIO A CAVALLO.

  • Production Area Province of Ragusa
  • Crust Yellow- brown
  • Taste Savory and spicy
  • Texture Yellow, half-hard or hard, not very compact or with some splits